I’m not dead yet!   November 2nd, 2014

The blog may have been dead for a while, but this project is most certainly NOT dead!

Back in 2010, I changed jobs and over the last few years have been cooking up some other stuff, which has taken some time away from the airplane building activities. When faced with limited time, I opted for continuing to work on the airplane and not spending time updating this website.

Well, here is where we are now:

* The fuselage is mainly completed (and so are the wings and tail surfaces).
* The rear window is completed.
* The canopy is *almost* completed. I need to rivet on some side skirts, then prime, paint and screw on the plexiglass canopy.

This canopy stuff has taken me most of the summer, but we’re still chugging a long. Maybe by this time next year we’ll be looking for an engine!

Here’s the canopy so far:

Canopy goes up and down now!


The rear window – all done!



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