After mounting the ailerons, I tried to test-fit the flaps to see how well they lined up with the aileron trailing edges.
Well, they did not line up too good 🙁
The two trailing edges are supposed to be even, and as you can see, if I make the flap hinge flush with the flap brace, there is about 0.2″ mismatch between them. I could ‘push out’ the flap some more, but then the holes in the hinge that holds the flap to the wing would be very, very close to the edge.

After doing some research, I found out this is quite common. Fortunately, there is another variant of the flap hinge that is slightly wider, and would allow me to make the flap even with the aileron while maintaining an acceptable edge distance on the hinge.
So, here’s $10+shipping to Aircraft Spruce for a wider flap hinge….
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Mounting the Ailerons   January 10th, 2010

With the wings in the cradle, I can now start mounting the ailerons on the wings. First I gathered all of the hardware required, as shown in the plans. There are two spacers that need to be fabricated from aluminum tubing. for the aileron-to-wing bolts. First I cut the aluminum tube slightly longer than needed, and chucked it into the drill press. I used a block of wood and some sandpaper (probably 100 grit – whatever I had around) and applied light pressure first to square the end of the tube, and then to get it to the final length. Using this method, I could take off less than 0.001″ at a time, so it makes for very precise spacer lengths!
Getting all those washers in the tight spaces of the aileron brackets was no fun. I probably dropped ten or fifteen washers on the floor before I decided to tape them together and put them in all at one time. I could now use needle-nose pliers to put the washers precisely where I needed them without having them slip and fall on the floor.
These are two views of the inboard aileron bracket — the bracket that holds the aileron to the wing and connects to the pushrod that controls aileron movement. As you can see, I am not tightening the nuts yet, as I will probably take the ailerons off a few times before this things flies..
While I am working on this part of the wing, I am going to install the bracket for the Dynon autopilot servo. You can buy the bracket now and wait until much later to buy the servo ($$) and autopilot/EFIS ($$$!) Basically, the servo mounts next to the aileron bellcrank, and it uses a small pushrod to move the bellcrank when the autopilot is engaged. In order to attach the pushrod to the bellcrank, a single hole is drilled in the bellcrank:
The bracket simply replaces the oiginal bottom bellcrank bracket, and it also includes another support arm that bolts from the upper bracket to the servo
I repeated the whole process on the left wing. Here are a couple of pictures of the aileron mounted on the wing and the bellcrank bracket (the autopilot servo is installed on one wing only).

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