Riveting Flaps   August 26th, 2009

I started riveting the flaps by attaching the ribs to the bottom skin. Some of these I could do with a squeezer, and some with the rivet gun.

Then I put on the top skin and used the fuel tank cradle to somewhat hold things in place. There is just enough room for a small bucking bar in there, but things turned out pretty good.
The last things to do were to assemble the inboard rib. This rib holds a bracket where the flap actuator is connected. Finally, I riveted the spar to ‘close the flap’
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Tank Access Plate and Fuel Pickup   August 26th, 2009

This is one of the tanks access plate ready to get drilled. The tube is the fuel intake. Notice the 90 degree bracket has ‘teeth’ to keep the nut from rotating. This was a service bulletin for people with an older revision of the tanks. They had to pry their tanks open, drill a hole through the nut, and use safety wire to secure it. This little bracket eliminates all that work.
This was one of the last steps in sealing the tank. Sorry for the lack of pictures. The tank sealant gets EVERYWHERE, and I didn’t feel like cleaning sealant off my camera. 🙂
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