More Leading Wing Edges…   October 17th, 2008

Another picture of leading edge riveting….pretty easy stuff here…

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Overlapping Main Skins   October 14th, 2008

The ‘official’ way to overlap the two top skins on the wing is to make a ‘scarf joint’ You basically sand down the forward corner the two skins so they sit more or less flush at the spar, and then gradually rise up.

I did not really like this method (Though I’ve seen people do a beautiful job at it), so I cut off a bit of the skin that overlaps on the bottom instead. Now only the ‘top’ outboard skin gets riveted to the spar, and it gradually rises up to lay on top of the inboard skin.

First I marked the lines to cut when the skins were on top of each other. Then I used a dremel tool with a cutting disk to remove the corner of the inboard skin. I then used some Emery cloth to smooth out the cut.

Here are the two skins sitting on top of each other. Notice the outboard skin is nice and flush now…

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