The wings are here!   March 10th, 2007

I ordered the wings in December. After an 8 week lead time, plus another one or two weeks for packing and shipping, they finally arrived. I had them shipped to the ABF truck terminal in Austin (home delivery costs more than the actual shipping cost from Oregon to Texas!), so I had to rent a trailer to go pick them up.

If you ever need a trailer, Jon’s Rentals on Pond Springs Rd. is the place to go. He hooked me up with a 16ft flatbed trailer for $30 a day. I just showed up with my truck, and they hooked it up and everything. Couldn’t have been more pleased with them.
I thought I’d need some help unloading, but the boxes were only 200lbs each, so it wasn’t too hard to get them off the trailer by myself.

I had a lot of things to do at work, so I decided to go return the trailer and go back to the office. When Fabiola and I came back in the evening, we started carefully opening the crates. Here’s a picture of Fabiola playing with the pry-bar 🙂

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