Riveting F-705 Bulkhead   October 7th, 2010

The F-705 bulkhead is the dividing bulkhead between the seating area and the baggage compartment.  This bulkhead also includes the ‘fork’ where the rear spar of the wings attach to the fuselage.  Only a few rivets need to be set at this time.  These are mostly to hold together the lower horizontal section of the bulkhead to the two vertical sections, and the rivets that attach the doubler bar to the bulkhead.  Even then, there are quite a few rivets in the doubler bar that are set later.  Every place with a cleco in the picture below gets riveted later.

The F-705 bulkhead also holds the flap mechanism, and there are two ‘bearing blocks’ that need to be bolted to the bulkhead.  These plastic pieces need to be drilled for bolts first.

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