F-711 Bulkhead   September 30th, 2010

The F-711 Bulkhead is a double bulkhead, since it is one of the attach points of the horizontal stabilizer.

The first step is to cut out a notch as shown below.  I used a dremel tool for the rough cut, and then  a file and abrasive wheel to smooth it out to final size.

There are two aluminum bars that get riveted to the bulkhead, so you have to clamp them and match-drill them to the web of the F-711

The bottom of the bars are slimmed down (weight savings?).  While at it, I also marked the extrusion used for the tail tie-down.

Finally, here is the completed F-711.  Note the additional angle between the two bars.  Also, note that this bulkhead is near the aft end of the fuselage, and the angles of the flanges start to get sharp enough that you must bend them with the seaming pliers before you even attempt to fit it into between the side skins of the tailcone.

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