Pitot Tube Plumbing   June 28th, 2010

The pitot tube comes with very long aluminum tubing.  You can’t really bend it and be able to take it in and out of the mount.  So, I cut it down to a more reasonable length, added some clear platic hose (from Home Depot) to protect against the two tubes rubbing against each other, and installed the required connectors to go from aluminum tubing to the clear plastic tubing provided by Safeair (http://www.safeair1.com)

With the pitot inside the mount, I tried to route the two plastic hoses from the grommet in the rib to the pitot.  The problem is that these hoses have a minimum turning radius of 2″, so there was no way I was getting the tube to do what I wanted without putting kinks in it.

I figured I could use two 90″ connectors on each line (only one of them is shown below).  These are over $5 if you buy them at the usual aviation places.  However, if you go to AutomationDirect and search for Union Elbow under Pneumatic Components, you can find them for $5.50 for a 5-pack :-).  I bet they also have the plastic tubing for them at a much lower price.

Once the tubing is pushed fully into the fittings, they will look a lot more straight than they do below.

Finally, this is what it will look like from the outside…

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