Aileron Brackets and Flap Brace   May 24th, 2009

These are the brackets that hold the ailerons to the wings. They come pre-shaped, so I just had to match drill and deburr them.
The next little thing was cutting off a piece of the flap brace. The flap brace is a long thin piece that goes between the wing rear spar and the bottom skin. It gives the skin a little more strength, since the flap is hinged on the skin only (well, and the brace). In order to clear some of the rear spar reinforcement plates, you have to take off a piece of the brace as shown by the blue line below. Just a matter of taking the snips to it and cleaning it up a little afterwards.
After that, it was just a matter of fitting each brace on the wings and match-drilling, then on to get primed.
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