Fuel Tank Progress   April 29th, 2009

I’ve spent the last several weeks working on sealing and riveting the fuel tanks. The tank sealant gets on EVERYTHING, so I have not taken very many pictures. We took a few when we first started, and then the rest are after the tanks are mostly done…

Here is my usual setup — Respirator and safety glasses. The tank sealant is not too bad, but the MEK I was using to clean up is scary stuff. The label says it will give you a headache and as long as there is plenty of ventilation (notice open garage door) it is not dangerous, but one whiff of the stuff and you know it can’t be good to be breathing it. Also, it will melt almost everything, including your gloves, your eyes, and probably your neurons if you breathe too much of it..
Here is me applying tank sealant to an internal rib.
Here here is Fabiola decked out in her respirator and glasses too..
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