Priming, Cleaning and Riveting Platenuts…   April 20th, 2007

After finishing with all of the holes, Vans recommends priming the aluminum where the anodizing has been removed. I didn’t think I could hand paint the countersinks without using a lot of pain (and leaving uneven streaks, etc). So, I covered up most of the flange with masking tape, and sprayed GBP-988. Turned out pretty good…

Next, I spent about a day and a half cleaning up all the 200 platenuts with a scotch-brite pad. After these suckers were pretty clean, I also sprayed them with GBP-988
Finally, actually riveting the platenuts to the spars went pretty fast. I did all of them in about two hours.

As I was draining the compressor at the end of the work session, the drain valve didn’t feel right. Sure enough, I couldn’t get it closed again. I removed it and discovered somehow the seal broke. Fortunately, it was pretty easy to order a replacement part from Sears. I should be here in the next few days. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll do whatever doesn’t require air tools…
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