Finishing the Rudder, Part 2   September 16th, 2006

Ok, it’s all done!

Have I mentioned that bending the leading edge was a beatch? I got my brother to help we eventually got it. The center section looks less-than-perfect, but definitely not too bad.

Screwing the Rod-End bearings into the platenuts requires a special tool. Since the platenuts are squished for extra retention, you can’t just use your fingers for these things.

First I built a tool from PVC, to keep from damaging the rod-end bearings:

This tool worked for about 50% of the way in. At this point, it started slipping, so I had to build something else. This time I used a cutting disk on a dremel tool to cut two slots on a 14mm hex socket. After polishing it, it worked great for screwing the rod-end bearings the rest of the way as called out in the plans:

After these were in, it was time to test fit the rudder to the vertical stabilizer!

Fabiola says this thing is starting to look like an airplane!

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