Finishing the Rudder, Part 1   September 11th, 2006

I haven’t been able to put in a lot of time into building in the last few days. I did manage to almost finish the rudder, though. After removing the clecos and aluminum angle, I used the backriveting plate to drive the rivets, as described in the manual. Wasn’t as a big a deal as I thought. The edge came out fairly straight, with about 0.08 inches of ‘bow’ when laid flat on the table.
I also used duct tape and a 3/4 inch pipe to bend the leading edge. Doing the first side was not too hard, but the second side was a major pain in the ass. First, it’s a lot harder to form when you already have the other half formed, since they will interfere with each other. Second, this is really a two person job. Here you can see the first side getting ready to be bent, and what it looks like afterwards.
I have more pictures to come on the two sides after bending and riveting…
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