More on Drilling the Main Rib…   March 8th, 2006

The last holes to drill in the main rib are those attaching it to the front spar. This requires a drill with a very small chuck. I looked at buying a 90 degree extension, but even those aren’t small enough for a hole which is perfectly perpendicular to the front spar. The closest I could get was by using an attachment on my dremel rotary tool:

This actually worked pretty good. The holes are ‘almost’ perpendicular, and getting straight rivets in them should not be a problem. I first drilled with a #40 drill, and then drilled to #30 from the other side with a long drill bit on my pneumatic drill.

I also drilled the holes from the front main rib into the spar with the long bit. After these are drilled and clecoed, I went ahead and match-drill all of the holes in the skin.

The next step is to take everything apart and dimple the skin and ribs…

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